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Ele Po Alloha! I am a traveller who wants to share experience.I travel by bycicle,hitch-hiking and like a normal tourist as well.I can give you advice concerning travelling in Ukraine,India,Spain and Portugal.Well,I have more countries in my thriftbox,but I have not explored them as profound as I would like yet.I am really eager to share my experience concerning hitch-hiking and cycling-touring and I can easily find the cheapest or the most comfortable way to get elsewhere(depends on your preferences).

My Itinerary
The Barber of Seville

3 Days, Spain, Seville

Seville is a city of fairs, Andalusian horses, and passionate Spanish flamenco. Would you like to take a roofing tour in the historical center of the city? Wouldn´t it be a beautiful experience to take a bike-tour by th...

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