About Us

Atalanta World is all about travel inspirations. From getting inspired for your next trip, to inspiring others to follow in your footsteps, we aim to be at the center of it all.

Focusing on travel itineraries, it contains all the essential information needed for a trip; like places to go, things to do, foods to eat, and sights to see. Through a carefully planned itinerary, you can avoid disappointments and bring only joy to your travels. And you’re not alone, let the community show you the best our world has to offer.

Not only that, with our brand-new social elements, get the recognition and appreciation you deserve as a seasoned traveller and earn points and achievement badges to differentiate yourself from the regular tourists. Be the guide that will transcend through space and time, to help your fellow travellers find their way through your past journeys.

Our platform will definitely be useful in various stages of your travels. From before your trip, doing research and planning, to after your trip, sharing your adventures with people that care. Welcome to Atalanta World.