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4 Days 3 Nights

Escape to one of the planets most notoriously stunning locations. Enriched with it's preserved history, culture and pure beauty, this once in a life time trip is sure to impress. Make sure to experience the most Venice has to offer, with this detailed itinerary: Including the best recommended activities, to the top rated, Italian cuisine restaurants.



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About US$656 per person


Lottie Stuart

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30 April 2017

New exciting changes to Atalanta World

Some of you may have already noticed that some very big changes were introduced to Atalanta World recently. I am here now to give you the official coverage of the major changes we've made and why we’re so excited about it.

Itinerary Creator REVAMPED!

Those of you who have been using our itinerary creator since the beginning would have shouted something like 'FINALLY!' ever since we ... (Read more)

13 March 2017

Atalanta World Conquest Campaign 2017

Hello everyone, Atalanta World is excited to announce the launch of Atalanta World Conquest Campaign! During this campaign period, everyone will have the opportunity to receive 20% and 50% discount coupons* off any purchase on our marketplace. Campaign period will start with immediate effect till 30th September 2017. Read on for more details on how to get one.

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  • All currently registered users will receive a 20% discount coupon*
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