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Why use Atalanta?

Itinerary Creation Tool

We created a special tool that can help anyone easily write out fully detailed travel itineraries with ease. Just as long as you have the details.

Monetize Precious Information

Monetize your travel experiences and don’t let it go to waste. And like they said, sharing is caring.

Save Time and Energy

Don’t have time or energy to plan for a holiday? We’ll help you find the path without tearing your head out - find an ideal itinerary here and just follow the perfect holiday, fuss free.

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Latest News

9 January 2017

Founder's note to publishers

Hello everyone! It’s me Nicholas, one of the co-founders of Atalanta. I’m writing this extra long note as a memo for itinerary publishers on the site and potential ones as well. As our goal here is to ensure that all itineraries are up to standard, I’ll be discussing the main pointers to guide you all on how to write one fit for Atalanta.

I'd like to use this chance to re-emphasize the definition of the word Itinerary - 'A planned route or journey' - Google search. And this plan should consist of a timed schedule, detailing where you need to be at what time, doing whatever is on the plan. It is not a plan if... ...

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11 December 2016

Atalanta launches!

Today marks the first day of Atalanta in full operation! Welcome to all who are joining us from this day forward and to those that haven’t, what are you waiting for? For all who are new and unfamiliar with the way Atalanta works, here are a few links, tips, and answers to get you started.

Tips on using Atalanta:
Step 1: Plan for your next trip using Atalanta’s itinerary creation tool
Step 2: Document and edit your itinerary as you travel, to safekeep precious information
Step 3: End off your great escape by publishing that perfected itinerary to our marketplace
Step 4: Earn some money to fund your next trip and repeat with... ...

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