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What is Atalanta?

Find out what we are in this short video!

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Why use Atalanta?

Itinerary Creation Tool

We created a special tool that can help anyone easily write out fully detailed travel itineraries with ease. Just as long as you have the details.

Monetize Precious Information

Monetize your travel experiences and don’t let it go to waste. And like they said, sharing is caring.

Save Time and Energy

Don’t have time or energy to plan for a holiday? We’ll help you find the path without tearing your head out - find an ideal itinerary here and just follow the perfect holiday, fuss free.

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20 February 2017

Anyone can write and publish in Atalanta World

Hello everyone,

Today, I'll be talking about this statement on why we say that anyone can write and publish on Atalanta World.

Why not everyone is able to write an itinerary for Atalanta

It seems quite a number of people are simply defeated by the fact that a massive amount of information is needed to complete an itinerary according to our standards. Well, since we got to uphold this quality so that the buyers have less worries about their trip, we cannot go around this requirement. In the end, many of you can't write for most places you've travelled to because too many details in your trip were not recorded.

Forget not, the place you are most familiar with

But, you guys are forgetting something, your own local area is also a place where someone has never been before. And I bet there are... ...

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30 January 2017

A Gift from Atalanta

Hello everyone,

We've got something really nice for all our registered users and all you need to do is read on, follow the instructions, and get a very special gift from Atalanta World.

We're giving everyone a free itinerary for Singapore: 3D2N First timer SG tour! Simply go to the Itinerary page below and purchase it for free! It will be added into your Purchased account and be there forever.

This itinerary is a fully detailed one that you can follow for a trip to Singapore, and for the benefit of those that do not know... ...

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24 January 2017

Atalanta's Choice: 4D3N get local in Hong Kong

Dear all,

Every now and then we will feature a published itinerary that we personally like a lot - owing to many different factors. Today we've decided to feature the '4D3N get local in Hong Kong' itinerary and highlight some points that made it one of our current favourites!

Just from the itinerary title itself, you can imagine all the hidden gems that only locals would know and @strawberray had exposed... ...

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